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Inspiring Summer Trends Brought to You by Décor Chick

Summertime brings us warm, long, and breezy days, and it also brings about another reason to do a little sprucing up to your home. Summer means it's time to put away the heavy drapery and freshen it up with light and bright curtains to let the sunshine in!

Transitioning your home decor for the hot summer months can be a little tricky for some. But what I have learned is what a huge difference hanging up some new curtains will do for a room. Window treatments provide great visual interest whether you are going for a dramatic, elegant, or a casual look. And when you change them up, it is definitely one of the first things people notice when they enter your home. So keep everybody on their toes expecting the unexpected when they stop by for a visit. What I love about Curtainworks is that you can actually swap out your curtains for the changing seasons since their prices are so easy on the pocketbook.

I've made a list of my top 5 window treatment trends for summer, along with a few of my favorite tips and tricks, and I hope you enjoy!

  1. Bright and Airy Sheers

  2. Caress Voile Sheer Curtain Panel and Platinum Voile Grommet Sheer Curtain Panel

    I love how light and flowy the sheer panels are and bring in tons of light. It's a simple look, but still very put together.

  3. Bold Patterns

  4. Othello Modern Grommet Panel and DKNY Garden Curtain Panel

    Anything with a geometric print is all the rage these days, and I also love big and bold flowery prints as well. Nothing says summertime like beautiful flowers in bloom.

    Décor Chick Tip: Hang all of your curtains high and wide. This will give the illusion you have really big beautiful windows, even if you don't. I like to hang mine really high, and also several inches wider than the actual window. By doing it like this, it means most of my curtain panel is hanging on the wall instead of covering up the natural light from the windows.

  5. Soft Neutrals

  6. Caress Voile in gold, Sailcloth Grommet in tan and Monterey in mocha

    You can't go wrong with anything neutral. I think these are all perfect neutral colors for summer, while still being light. When the cooler seasons come around you can mix them up by adding the warmer neutrals like the chocolate browns, rich tans and blacks.

  7. Pretty Blues

  8. Cooper Stripe in aqua, Marquee Faux Silk in peacock and Monterey in aqua

    Adding a pop of color to your windows will dramatically change the feel of a room, so that is why I love these crisp blue curtains in a variety of different shades. Pale aqua's and smokey blues scream pretty skies and beautiful oceans to me. A place where we should all be during the summer. .

    Décor Chick Tip: For a more casual feel, buy your curtains a little longer and have them gather or "puddle" the floor. If you prefer a more tailored or formal look, have the curtains just barely hitting the floor. Say no to "high-water" curtains though.

  9. Mix and Match Style

  10. Messina Velvet Grommet Drape in black and Caress Voile Sheer in white

    If you have drapery hanging that might be a little heavy or dark for summer, but don't want to remove them, an easy and inexpensive update would be to add a few pairs of white sheers in between your existing solid or patterned panels. This will instantly soften up the look and brighten your windows for a fresh summery feel.

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