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How To Measure For Shades

Select your favorite style shade and choose an inside or outside mount. Follow these instructions to find the proper fit for your window. Each shade reaches 64" in length when fully extended. Full window coverage requires that your window length measurement not exceed 64” long.

Inside Mount: Shades are mounted inside of your window frame. They have a visually appealing clean look and will showcase your window molding. Allow at least a 3” depth from your wall to your window’s glass for shades to fit properly.

  • Width: Measure the width at three places of the window opening (top, middle and bottom) using a steel tape measure
  • Round each measurement to the nearest 1/8" and use the narrowest measurement
  • Height: Measure the height at three places of the window opening from the top of window to the sill (left, middle and right)
  • Round each measurement to the nearest 1/8" and use the longest measurement

Outside Mount: Shades are mounted on the window molding or on the wall above the window frame. Shades extend past the window frame and provide superior light control and privacy.

  • Width: Measure the overall area to be covered and add 3-4" in width (1-1/2" per side)
  • Round measurement to the nearest 1/8"
  • Height: Measure the distance where the top of the shade will be located to the top of window sill
  • If shade is to overlap the window frame, measure to the point shade should reach
  • Round measurement to the nearest 1/8"
  • If mounting on the wall, mount at least 1-3” above the window frame on a smooth, flat surface


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Cordless, ready-made shades available in standard sizes to fit most windows. Update your windows the easy way.

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